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Operator Seizes Opportunity in Remote Region with New Mondo Restroom

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Where in the world is there a growing portable restroom company? Try looking in the remote northern regions of Chile, where miners extract valuable minerals such as copper, gold and silver.

It is in the rich copper mines of northern Chile where you will find Eugenio Hasbun Zlatar. Eugenio is the owner of Megacorp, a growing portable restroom company hired to provide portable restrooms to thousands of miners in a desolate part of the world.

If you are wondering how desolate, consider some facts about the Atacama Desert. It is a series of dry salt basins flanked on the west by the Pacific coastal range and on the east by the Andes. There is practically no vegetation; rain has virtually never been recorded in some localities and some river beds appear to have been dry for tens of thousands of years. Much of the area has recorded less than an inch of rain since the 1960’s.

Mining is big business in Chile. In 2008, investors pumped 27 billion into copper mining projects. If the economic downturn had not occurred, another 10 billion would have been invested. As it is, there is still plenty of mining activity in remote area and these multi-billion, multi-national companies demand quality, even in their portable restrooms.

When Eugenio realized he was going to land a large service contract, he got serious about choosing which portable restroom to bring into the mines. His existing restrooms were not acceptable for use in the mines. They were locally made fiberglass units and the quality and durability would not stand up under the scrutiny of the mining officials in charge of portable restrooms.

Eugenio started his search for the restrooms on the internet. Soon, he arranged a trip to the United States that included a stop in Plymouth, Minnesota to see what Satellite had to offer. After seeing the full lineup of restrooms, he chose the new Mondo in high-visibility orange with a Dirt Buster base. Eugenio is convinced he has the right restroom to bring back to Chile for his special event, construction and newly acquired mining business.

In the end, quality is the only way to build a successful business. It is a principle that works around the world. For Eugenio, flying from one hemisphere to another in his search for the best restroom was worth it. How important is it for you? For information about Satellite products contact your Area Manager. For Central, South America and Australia contact Michael Pederson at 763-551-7260.

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